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Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy
Anti-Spam Policy
Big Hip strongly encourages the use of permission based email marketing. This policy applies to all users of BigHip's products and services. An email address may only be added to a mailing list after the user of that email address subscribes and confirms the request to have his or her email address added to that list. The user of the email address must also agree to the subscription terms. This is called closed loop verification, also known as confirmed opt-in, verified opt-in or double opt-in. Every email sent by BigHip contains an unsubscribe link. You can easily terminate your subscription by clicking on the unsubscribe link or by sending an email to unsubscribe@bighip.com. By allowing individuals to easily unsubscribe we ensure that only interested parties will receive email.

Big Hip suggests the use of web panels to collect email addresses and help build a list database. Upon an individual subscribing an email address through the web panel as supplied by BigHip, the user of that email address will receive an email requesting that the user of that email address confirm his or her interest in receiving future mailings about the particular topic of the mailing list. The user of that email address must confirm their interest before that address is added to the list data base. By doing this we ensure that the content being supplied to that email address is requested and acceptable.

Big Hip does not under any circumstance tolerate the use of spam. Spam is unsolicited, untargeted, unwanted, and ineffective email sent in bulk that has no place in our business. Spam is sometimes offensive in nature and often it does not have a working unsubscribe link.

Big Hip reserves the right to monitor email campaigns in an effort to prevent any misuse of our products or services.

If someone would like to make a report about a particular message sent by BigHip or any misuse of BigHip's product or service you may do so by emailing abuse@bighip.com. Upon receipt of a complaint against a BigHip user, a warning is issued to that user and an investigation is done. If multiple complaints are made against a BigHip user or if the complaint persists on a second occasion a second warning is issued and our system user is informed that one more complaint will result in a suspension of services. The user's account will eventually be terminated after further review of the particular case, disallowing them any account access.

BigHip reserves the right to terminate a BigHip user's account for abuse of BigHip's product or service at any time with, or without prior notice.

Abuse includes without limitation, a BigHip user or customer: (i) initiating, procuring, arranging or facilitating the sending of unsolicited bulk email to promote or advertise either directly or indirectly a web site containing a web panel supplied by BigHip, or a web panel utilized to post data to BigHip; (ii) abusing any BigHip product or service in an effort to improperly collect email addresses, such as initiating, procuring, arranging or facilitating the scripting of a BigHip web panel or manually subscribing email addresses not in the BigHip user's list data base, (such as rented, purchased, transferred or harvested email addresses) in an attempt to cause the BigHip system to generate confirmation requests or list invitations and add email addresses to a BigHip user's list database; (iii) initiating the transmission of a message using the BigHip system with a false or deceptive from address, subject line, message content or link; (iv) conducting mailings contrary to the MAPS Guidelines for Proper Mailing List Management, while using BigHip's products or services; (v) utilizing the products or services of BigHip in any manner to facilitate the sending of email that is contrary to any applicable law, rule or regulation; (vi) any use of BigHip's products or services that involves directly or indirectly the initiating, procuring, arranging or facilitating of any activity that may or will result in the sending of unsolicited bulk email; or (vi) any other use of BigHip's products or services contrary to best practices as determined by BigHip in its sole discretion.

At all times, we ask that BigHip users fully co-operate with any investigation carried out by, or on behalf of BigHip.

Email marketing campaigns can be very successful and result in great reward to those who use it properly. BigHip prides itself on the proper use of email marketing and does everything in its power to avoid the misuse of our products and services when sending email to members of the public.

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