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Mon, 06 Feb 2006 00:00:00 EST

Big Hip Implements Sender ID

Big Hip is committed to working with ISPs as Sender-ID implementation begins.

Bighip the Leader in Online Email Marketing

Big Hip Email Marketing Company compliant with SPF, is committed to working with ISPs as Sender-ID implementation begins.

Recently, to aid in the fight against spam, Bighip, a leading email service provider published an SPF record for its domain in compliance with the SPF experimental protocol.

Presently the draft Sender-ID protocol which combines Microsoft s Caller-ID protocol with Meng Weng Wong s SPF experimental protocol is being reviewed by the MARID working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force.

The draft protocol for Sender-ID is presently undergoing rigorous design review to ensure the formal protocol which emerges is the best possible design.

It is anticipated the first phase of this intense review process will be completed early next week. Bighip fully supports the MARID working group effort to come up with the appropriate standards for sender authentication.

Bighip understands this is a volunteer organization, with many people putting in long hours. The fight against those who abuse email by forging headers, sending viruses and taking advantage of consumer trust through identity theft is an ongoing effort.

Bighip applauds the effort of this working group. Bighip looks forward to fully implementing the sender authentication standards which emerge from the MARID process, so making the transition process for its customers as smooth as possible.

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