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Tue, 07 Mar 2006 00:00:00 EST

Big Hip Adds Receipt Service for Customers

The Bighip Receipt Service offers a reliable delivery system for critical customer correspondence by email.

Bighip a Leader in E-mail Marketing Adds Receipt Service for Customers

Bighip.com announced today it has added the Bighip Receipt Service for its customers. Mr. William Nicholson, President of Bighip.com, in response to inquiries said: "The Bighip Receipt Service offers a reliable delivery system for critical customer correspondence by email. This can include receipts for online transactions, delivery of login data, and other important, template driven customer notices.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve successful delivery of crucial email messages due to more aggressive spam filtering by ISP s, in an attempt to deliver a better email environment for their customers.

How has Bighip solved this problem?

"Bighip maintains a white-list status with thousands of ISP s including larger providers such as AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, RoadRunner and others. This means that email sent through the Bighip delivery system is reliably delivered to the end user's mail box."

How does it work?

Upon confirming an online order for example, your network sends a SOAP ("Simple Object Access Protocol") encoded message to the BIGHIP Receipt system. This message contains pertinent customer information that you wish to send via email to the customer. You maintain a number of receipt templates in your BIGHIP account. These templates contain macros that are merged with the data contained in the SOAP message, creating a personalized email. This email is then reliably delivered to the user through the BIGHIP delivery network. This whole process occurs in real-time, so there is no delay."

In summary, the Bighip Receipt Delivery System allows you to use our bonded mail delivery platform to send critical information by email to your customers through a secure method, while avoiding the difficulties with email delivery."

As part of the service, we provide you with full support. So if you are not familiar with how SOAP works, require assistance in setting up your templates, or any other part of the system, our support team will take you through the whole process."

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