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Tue, 14 Mar 2006 00:00:00 EST

BigHip Supports Sender ID Authentication

Bighip.com announced today it has added support for Sender ID authentication for its customers.

BigHip the Email Marketing Leader Supports Sender ID Authentication

In response to calls by Microsoft, BigHip added a Sender ID record and included a designated sender header in its messages. BigHip has worked with its customers to meet the Sender ID requirements.

There has been much controversy surrounding Sender ID and SPF. Why did BigHip proceed with this implementation?

"When MSN/Hotmail announced it was seeking industry implementation of Sender ID it also announced future plans for filtering email and the roll out of Sender ID checks by users of Microsoft exchange mail servers. At the same time, the IETF approved publication of SPF and Sender ID as experimental standards. We felt it was important for our customers to support both SPF and Sender ID.

Mr. Nicholson went on to state: All list mail sent by BigHip's customers is closed loop/verified opt-in (double opt-in). Delivery of list mail to the recipient's inbox is of fundamental importance to our customers. Our customers want their list members to receive the email they requested. By participating in ongoing efforts to develop sender authentication standards, BigHip believes this will help our customers deliver requested and wanted email to their list members, along with necessary email sent through BigHip s Receipt Delivery service.

BigHip maintains a white-list status with thousands of ISP s including larger providers such as AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo!, RoadRunner, United Online and others. This means that requested wanted and necessary email sent through Bighip s system is reliably delivered to the end user's mail box. BigHip will take the appropriate steps to facilitate this process, including supporting ongoing work to develop and implement sender authentication standards.

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