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Campaign Manager
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Campaign Manager
Email Campaigns
Template library
  Use our template library to create eye-catching newsletters and other email campaigns, with a simple, wizard driven interface.
Save, edit and reuse campaigns
  Create and save an unlimited amount of email campaigns in your campaign library for future or repeated use as well as message sequencing.
Cut & paste expert mode
  Use your favorite text or HTML editor to create your email campaign, and paste the source right into the control panel for quick and easy campaign creation.
Schedule, send unlimited campaigns
  Schedule email campaigns for immediate delivery or schedule them for 6 months in the future. BigHip allows you to schedule and send an unlimited number of email campaigns.
Send Text, HTML and AOL messages
  Send your email campaigns in multiple formats for the best presentation results in all email client software.
Personalize campaigns
  Standard and custom macros help to personalize your email campaigns. An unlimited amount of custom data fields allow the resources to craft highly targeted and personalized messages to your customers.
Suppression lists
  Upload third party suppression list files to filter delivery to your members. This allows enforcement of third party offers with separate unsubscribe lists.
Message Sequencing
  Use our email panel creation wizard to create the HTML and Javascript code to place in your website. The wizard allows you to include both standard and custom fields to build your list effectively.
Adaptive member profiling
  Automatically profile members based on responses to categorized email campaigns. This produces a highly profiled member database for targeted campaigns.
  Have one or more messages sent to members as a result of a response to an email campaign or clicking a link.
Soft & Hard bounce processing
  BigHip automatically handles bounced email processing according to best practices for individual ISP's ensuring email delivery.
Web Services Integration
  SOAP based Web Services are available for launching campaigns for integration with complex email marketing systems.

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