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Campaign Manager: Features
All features below are standard unless noted otherwise.

List Management

Email Campaigns


Account Management


Email collection tools
Use our email panel creation wizard to create the HTML and Javascript code to place in your website. The wizard allows you to include both standard and custom fields to build your list effectively.
Unlimited Data Fields
This is a powerful feature that allows an unlimited number of data fields for each list. Use these data fields to create custom macros within email campaigns or use the data to filter delivery of your email campaign to a subset of your list.
Custom interest categories
Add multiple interest categories to segment your list. These categories can then be used to filter delivery of email campaigns to segments of your list.
List moderation pages can be branded to match the look and feel of your website. Each list in your account can be branded separately. †
TRUSTED double opt-in list moderation
All list moderation features are handled automatically, including subscribing, confirming, unsubscribing as well as master remove lists.
Moderation post back triggers
BigHip will notify you of individual moderation events via an HTTP postback method for all your lists. †
Post to multiple lists
Simplies launching campaigns to multiple lists at one time. †
Web Services Integration
SOAP based Web Services are available for updating member data, and subscribing members. †
Template library
Use our template library to create eye-catching newsletters and other email campaigns, with a simple, wizard driven interface.
Save, edit and reuse campaigns
Create and save an unlimited amount of email campaigns in your campaign library for future or repeated use as well as message sequencing.
Cut & paste expert mode
Use your favorite text or HTML editor to create your email campaign, and paste the source right into the control panel for quick and easy campaign creation.
Schedule, send unlimited campaigns
Schedule email campaigns for immediate delivery or schedule them for 6 months in the future. BigHip allows you to schedule and send an unlimited number of email campaigns.
Send Text, HTML and AOL messages
Send your email campaigns in multiple formats for the best presentation results in all email client software.
Personalize campaigns
Use standard and custom macros to personlize your email campaigns. An unlimited amount of custom data fields, means you can craft highly targeted and personlized messages to your customers.
Suppression lists
Upload third party suppression list files to filter delivery to your members. This allows enforcement of third party offers with separate unsubscribe lists. †
Message Sequencing
Automatically send a sequence of campaigns over a period of time to newly confirmed members. Choose the message from your campaign library and the delay between each message and BigHip handles the rest.
Adaptive member profiling
Automatically profile members based on responses to categorized email campaigns. This produces a highly profiled member database for targeted campaigns.
Have one or more messages sent to members as a result of responding to an email campaign or clicking a link.
Soft & Hard bounce processing
BigHip automatically handles bounced email processing according to best practices for individual ISP's.
Web Services Integration
SOAP based Web Services are available for launching campaigns for integration with complex email marketing systems. †
Real-time statistics
Anaylze your email campaign response with real-time statistics and reporting.
Clickthru tracking
Track individual links within your email campaign and optionally send one or more follow up emails for each click.
Geographic statistics
Geographic data lets you know where your customers are coming from. This data allows you to tailor your marketing strategy.
Manage multiple users
BigHip allows unlimited users for each account allowing you to delegate administration departmentally or on a per user basis. Control which users have access to which resources within your control panel.
Detailed reporting
Detailed reports provide specific information for your account activity including usage, billing, etc...
Email & phone support
Unlimited email support are standard for all BigHip accounts. Email support@bighip.com.
Live Person ® support
Live online support is available during business hours for support and sales questions.

† These features may include additional fees.

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