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Campaign Manager
List Management
Email collection tools
  The email panel creation wizard generates HTML and JavaScript code for use on any website. This wizard allows you to include both standard and custom fields to build email lists easily and effectively.
Unlimited data fields
  Create an unlimited number of data fields for each list using the email panel collection wizard. Use data fields to create custom macros within email campaigns or use the data to filter delivery of your email campaign to a subset of your list.
Custom interest categories
  Add multiple interest categories to segment your list. Categories can be used to filter delivery of email campaigns to segments of your list to ensure your emails hit the target market.
  List moderation pages can be branded to match the look and feel of any website. Each list in your account can be branded separately.
TRUSTED double opt-in list moderation
  All list moderation features are handled automatically; including subscribing, confirming, unsubscribing as well as master remove lists.
Moderation post back triggers
  BigHip will notify you of individual moderation events via an HTTP post-back method for all your lists.
Post to multiple lists
  Launch email campaigns to multiple lists at one time.
Web services integration
  SOAP based Web Services are available for updating member data, and subscribing members.

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