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GEO Director
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GEO Director: Features


Superior accuracy
GEO Director allows you to make traffic decisions confidently with a less than 2% error margin for geographic based redirection.
Detailed decision control
Redirection decisions can be made based on large geographic areas ( continents, or groups of countries ) down to individual postal codes, addressing all geo-targeted redirection scenarios.
Area radius option
Redirect based on mile/kilometer radius from a particular area. This is a powerful feature which allows redirection decisions based on proximity to a particular event or location.
Ultra-fast redirection
The redirection platform is designed specifically for ultra-fast redirection regaurdless of complexity of decision rules.
Direct Market Area information
Direct Market Area redirection decisions are available for traffic emanating within the United States.
Integrates with Campaign Manager
GEO Director integrates easily with Campaign Manager for geographic based redirection on promotional links within an Email Campaign.

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